Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together the answers to questions we commonly get asked. We hope this information will be useful, but we will be delighted to help further. Please call us on 01423 875 333

Hollins Hall is designed so you stay firmly in control, with complete freedom and independence to live the life you choose. You buy and own your own retirement home, in a beautiful and secure environment and, because it is your house, you do not have to give up the things you love, including your pets. Plus, you have the added luxury of having your gardens and property maintained for you.

Each house, cottage, bungalow or apartment at Hollins Hall is sold on a long leasehold basis, with at least 100 years remaining. It is your home, held as your own asset – and, of course, you are free to sell at any stage at full market value. So your capital is kept intact and you are able to enjoy the benefits of a continued investment in a property of your own.

Q. Can my friends and family use the facilities at Hollins Hall?
A. Your visitors are most welcome to use any of the facilities at Hollins Hall.

Q. Is there anywhere for my friends and family to stay when they visit me?
A. When you are downsizing it can be a worry that you will not have room for guests. Our properties are spacious and have up to three bedrooms. If you think you will need more spare rooms when guests are visiting, we have 2 guest suites and a flat available on site to book for family and friends.

Q. Is Hollins Hall age exclusive?
A. Yes. Sorry, as a general rule if you are under 55, you will have to wait.

Q. Who is available at night?
A. A night porter will be on duty throughout the night. They will regularly patrol the village and will also carry out the night time rubbish collection service.

Q. Do you have links with the local community?
A. Indeed we do. We recruit locally, we use local suppliers wherever possible and we encourage local people to visit. Visitors are always welcome because they add to the atmosphere.

Q. Who manages Hollins Hall?
A. Hollins Hall is managed by our own in-house specialist team – to ensure continuity and consistency in overseeing the day-to-day running of operations and co-ordinating our dedicated team which provides services such as care, catering, property maintenance, cleaning and security.

About your Hollins Hall home

Q. Can I bring my pet?
A. Yes, all well-behaved pets are welcome, though we do ask that you let us know before you move in.

Q. Do I stay in control of my household bills?
A. You are responsible for paying your own utility bills, council tax, television licence, contents and personal belongings insurance, as well as maintaining the interior of your home.

Q. Can I make improvements or changes to my house?
A. Yes, but we do ask that you discuss the proposed changes with us and agree what it is you plan to do.

Q. Will my home be looked after if I am away?
A. You can go on holiday or visit your relatives for as long as you please, knowing that your home is looked after. All properties are fitted with an intruder and smoke alarm linked to the central monitoring system. There are also closed-circuit television cameras around the estate.

If you wish, we can also inspect your home while you are away and make any arrangements for your return, including opening up and stocking your fridge.

Q. Will I be able to stay in my home as long as I choose?
A. The whole ethos of Hollins Hall is to provide luxury accommodation for you as an active and independent person, whilst also catering for whatever needs you may have in the future.

Most of us would like to believe we can manage all of the challenges that come with growing older but, should you ever require it, we can discreetly adapt both your home and the range of services we provide.

About Hollins Hall charges

Q. What is the monthly management charge?
A. The monthly management charge is a single payment that covers almost all of the ongoing costs of running Hollins Hall.

Q. What is included in my monthly management charge?
A. Your monthly management charge covers a wide range of costs involved in the day-to-day running of Hollins Hall. These costs include maintenance of the buildings and grounds, regular external window cleaning, heating and lighting of all communal areas and around-the-clock security.

In addition to everything included in the standard management charge, a comprehensive range of additional goods and services is offered at Hollins Hall should you wish to take advantage of them. These include things such as restaurant services, drinks, hairdressing, shopping, laundry, housekeeping and care services. For your convenience, the cost of these additional services is added to your monthly invoice if you use them.

Q. Will my monthly management charge ever increase?
A. The management charge increases annually, in line with the Retail Price Index – so you can be sure it will not rise to unacceptable levels.

Q. How much do I pay?
A. The management charge varies a little from property to property and we will be happy to tell you the specific charge which applies to the property that you are interested in. This fee will be invoiced to you each month and is payable monthly by direct debit.

Q.  How are Major Estate improvements funded?
A.  Major Estate improvements over the years are paid for through a reserve fund that is contributed to by way of a % charge on the resale of your property;  the exact % payable will be between a minimum of 1.5% and a maximum of 5%, which will depend on the length of ownership of your property.   

General queries

Q. I have a question that is not covered on here. Who should I contact?
A. We would be delighted to talk to you, whether it is to help answer questions or queries or to give you further information. Simply call us on 01423 875 333