As time moves on and some tasks become less easy, there is no reason why you should not continue to live the life you know in the home that you have made. All you need is a visit from a trusted and friendly face; someone to listen and a helping hand when you would appreciate it.

Care of the highest level

Our care team at Hollins Hall provides 24/7 care on site and the care is provided by our dedicated team of hard-working, capable and friendly carers.  Most of our carers at Hollins have worked with us for many years and are very highly regarded by our residents who use their services.

All of our properties and the Estate have a comprehensive emergency call system and every resident may elect to wear their pendants for additional security. This gives our residents reassurance that should there be an emergency then they will always have someone to call on.

As one of the UK’s most respected elderly care providers and a leader in its field, Hollins Hall is recognised, registered and regularly audited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This means the carer you invite into your home is rigorously trained and highly qualified and our standard of care is second to none.


What our residents say about our carers:

“They are all very caring.  They all do the job well.  They are all so observant they don’t miss a thing.  I think they are worth every penny “

“They are absolutely wonderful”

“The carers go to a lot of lengths to make sure you are well cared for”

“They always involve me in everything they do”

“I would call them friends rather than carers”


The benefits of a helping hand at home

We do not have a price list of pre-packaged care programmes. You only pay for the services you use, which include:

  • cleaning, ironing and preparing meals;
  • washing, dressing or shaving;
  • shopping, collecting prescriptions or walking the dog;
  • medication assistance;
  • help whilst recovering from illness;
  • live-in, sleep-in, night care or holiday cover;
  • assistance with getting up and going to bed, whatever the time;
  • accompanying you to appointments or social activities;
  • no job is too small. If we are not there with you around the clock, please rest assured that we are on-call every minute of every day. We also get to you very quickly and as a matter of urgency when you call.


Standard of care
Independence, dignity and respect. Always.

Hollins Hall has a deep responsibility for the quality of individual lives and for people’s basic rights as human beings. It is a responsibility we bear with great pride, and it is a privilege to do so.

We demand exceptional standards and, whilst it would be good to think that the sector as a whole applied the same meticulous scrutiny to levels of care that we do, we realise that some providers have unfortunately made headlines for falling below those standards. We cannot and would never speak for them. We can only speak about the private and personal services we offer and assure you that our standards are, without doubt, second to none.

Should you wish to discuss any matters relating to care at Hollins Hall then please do not hesitate to contact John Esplen on 01423 875333